Prepare your team for action.

Safety training courses are essential to a workforce that reacts to emergencies with speed and confidence. Whether you need MSHA training or Medic First Aid training, contact Crowe Consulting to schedule a course today.

Safety Training Courses

Occupational hazards are real. Your safety training should be too. Medic First Aid and MSHA training from Crowe Consulting is informed by years of real experience as a firefighter and EMT. That means safety training topics that are centered around firsthand knowledge of emergencies. Whether it’s MSHA miners safety or Medic First Aid training, the result is a better prepared workforce. It’s time to get real about safety.

MSHA Training Classes

Crowe Consulting is a MSHA certified instructor that is often referred by the MSHA Education Field Service. We specialize in metal/nonmetal MSHA Part 46 training and MSHA Part 48 training. Crowe Consulting is an active member of the Southeast Regional MSHA Conference planning committee and stays up-to-date on all new MSHA regulations.

If you want to improve the mine safety and stay up-to-speed on the latest MSHA requirements, contact Crowe Consulting to schedule MSHA training classes for your workforce.

What is MSHA Training?

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) is a division of the United States Department of Labor that regulates and enforces mine safety through rules, guidelines, and inspections. MSHA training classes help mining contractors and operators stay in compliance with new miner training requirements, MSHA refresher requirements, and other mine safety regulations. Training classes cover a variety of mine safety topics that improve the preparedness of miners for emergency situations and establish good habits for staying safe.

Medic First Aid Training Classes

In emergencies, time is always the most valuable resource. That’s why preparedness is such an essential part of safety. A coworker with CPR, AED, or first aid training can respond with the right action quickly and possibly save a life. Crowe Consulting can prepare your workforce with Medic First Aid training classes from the perspective of a certified firefighter and EMT. Training topics include CPR, AED, and basic first aid. If you are interested in scheduling medic first aid training classes, contact Crowe Consulting for more information.

It's time to get real about safety.

Hazards are real and it takes real world experience to prepare others. Crowe Consulting is an OSHA and MSHA instructor with first responder experience. When emergencies happen, be prepared to meet real challenges with real training, consulting, and emergency products.