Make the safe investment.

Safety is more than just compliance with regulations. It’s a responsible investment in your workforce. Crowe Consulting is a comprehensive source for training, site inspections, record reviews, emergency action plans, and supplies. A “safe” investment with Crowe Consulting can save time, save money, and most importantly, save lives.


Crowe Consulting

Founded by Kevin Crowe, Crowe Consulting is a safety consultant backed by years of experience as a first responder, numerous certifications, and full-time involvement in the mining community. We offer safety training courses, consulting services, and safety supplies such as AEDs, custom first aid kits, and personal protective equipment. Crowe Consulting specializes in MSHA Part 46 and MSHA Part 48 metal/nonmetal operations.


Safety Training Courses

Safety training courses are essential to a workforce that reacts to emergencies with confidence. Medic First Aid and MSHA training from Crowe Consulting is informed by years of real experience as a firefighter and EMT. That means safety training topics that are centered around firsthand knowledge. Whether it’s MSHA miners safety or Medic First Aid training, the result is a better prepared workforce. It’s time to get real about safety.




Hiring an OSHA and MSHA safety consultant is different than just hiring a safety trainer. It’s about making a long-term investment rather than meeting a short-term requirement. Crowe Consulting conducts site inspections, record keeping reviews, miners safety training, Train the Trainer courses, and emergency planning. With a comprehensive safety audit, Crowe Consulting can help you make a “safe” investment that saves time, cost, and lives.



and Safety Products

Medic First Aid training teaches individuals how to respond in an emergency, but that knowledge is far less effective without good emergency products on hand. Crowe Consulting is a distributor of AED supplies, custom emergency kits, and personal protective equipment. Purchasing emergency equipment from Crowe Consulting allows you to get the right supplies for your safety program.

Experience and Certifications

  • CPR/AED & First Aid Instructor (NSC, AHA, ARC, ASHI, MFA)

  • Medic First Aid (MFA) Training Center & Instructor Trainer

  • NREMT & GA certified EMT-Intermediate

  • NPQ & GA Certified Firefighter II

  • HAZMAT Operations

  • OSHA Industrial S&H certificate

  • OSHA Construction S&H certificate

  • MSHA MNM IS & IU certified

  • OSHA General Industry Authorized Trainer

  • OSHA Construction Authorized Trainer

  • GEMA Rescue Specialist & Crash Victim Extrication

  • FEMA/NIMS trained

  • NMBP Patroller

  • ASHI Level 7 Instructor

Kevin Crowe

Owner and Safety Consultant

It's time to get real about safety.

Hazards are real and it takes real world experience to prepare others. Crowe Consulting is an OSHA and MSHA instructor with first responder experience. When emergencies happen, be prepared to meet real challenges with real training, consulting, and emergency products. 

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