Stay up-to-speed in mining.

Crowe Consulting is a full-time mine safety consultant that closely follows regulations to keep you ahead of compliance. We are embedded in the mining community and focused on metal/nonmetal surface and underground operations. 

Safety Consulting

Hiring an OSHA and MSHA safety consultant is different than just hiring a safety trainer. It’s about making a long-term investment rather than meeting a short-term requirement. Crowe Consulting conducts site inspections, record keeping reviews, miners safety training, Train the Trainer courses, and emergency planning. All of these requirements can be met together in a comprehensive safety audit. That means avoiding piecemeal solutions while creating an complete safety program that meets your specific needs. Crowe Consulting can help you make a “safe” investment that saves time, cost, and possibly lives.


Another benefit of working with Crowe Consulting is being well-informed. MSHA mining regulations are always changing and improving. Staying up-to-speed is critical to keeping your workforce safe and avoiding MSHA citations. When it comes to mine safety regulations, Crowe Consulting is embedded in the mining community like no other consultant. That gives you a full-time industry insider who is active in planning the Southeast Regional MSHA Conference and stays at the forefront of safe mining. Be proactive about safety and stay ahead of the game.

Site Inspections

OSHA and MSHA safety site inspections are a crucial part of compliance. Crowe Consulting regularly conducts site inspections to confirm that all requirements are met in advance of an OSHA or MSHA inspection.

Record Keeping Reviews

MSHA reporting and record keeping requirements make sure your operation has all the proper mine safety documentation. Crowe Consulting conducts record keeping reviews to confirm that all records and documents are compliant with MSHA regulations.

Train the Trainer Classes

In addition to MSHA part 46 training, Crowe Consulting provides Train the Trainer classes. These classes educate individuals in your organization to become mine safety instructors themselves. Having an instructor in-house can make mine safety training more efficient and cost effective.

Emergency Planning

Developing an emergency action plan (EAP) is an essential part of mine safety. Crowe Consulting can help you create a custom plan based on broad knowledge of requirements and best practices.

It's time to get real about safety.

Hazards are real and it takes real world experience to prepare others. Crowe Consulting is an OSHA and MSHA instructor with first responder experience. When emergencies happen, be prepared to meet real challenges with real training, consulting, and emergency products.